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What is Neonatal Care?

Neonatal care is a type of care given to newborn babies from the very moment of birth until the first month of life.  

A baby’s arrival into the world is both a fulfilling and comprehensive process. It is fulfilling in the sense that a new life unfolds and is comprehensive because mothers and babies overcome different physical and emotional changes. The life of a newborn baby inside the mother’s womb is distinct to the outside world. This is where neonatal care steps in. 

Learn more about this type of care and why it is essential for babies to undergo one. 

What is Neonatal Care?

Neonatal care is administered to babies born premature or ill in a neonatal unit. These units are housed in hospital centers in which babies less than 37 weeks gestation or with a medical condition. 

Neonatal refers to a newborn or the first 28 days of a baby’s life.

About 380,000 babies are born prematurely annually in the United States.  That’s around 1,000 babies every day. 

Having a baby in this kind of care can be challenging. It may open up emotions, but health professionals like us are trained to help you during these times. 

Why Babies Need Neonatal

Babies need neonatal services for different reasons. But the main reasons they go to are the following:

  • They are born prematurely.
  • Their birth weight is too low. 
  • They are ill or have a specific medical condition. 

The Importance of Neonatal Care

In a normal case, babies spend their time inside the mother’s womb for nine months. During this moment, their bodies and organs prepare and mature. But when babies are born pre-term, their bodies may not be ready for the outside world. 

For instance, their lungs may be unfunctional and may need other support. This support can be fulfilled by neonatologists and experts for newborn babies. Another situation is when a newborn baby may have an existing illness that can be attended to by the services of a neonatologist. 

Neonatal care begins as soon as the baby comes out. It’s an essential part to ensure that the baby gets the attention they need. 

About Millennium Medical Group

Millennium Medical Group provides top-notch neonatal care for newborn babies and vulnerable mothers. We take pride in delivering consistent, continuous care to achieve the highest quality of service possible. 

Want to consult with the best neonatal care in the United States? Visit our website or get in touch with us at 855-222-9637. 

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