Fast, Easy, & Acuurate Newborn Screenings


The Best Way To Ensure Your Child's Health

Fast & reliable results

Millennium Medical Group has the most advanced and fast newborn screening tests with results available in minutes.

Comprehensive Tests

Millennium Medical Group offers comprehensive newborn screening tests for a healthy start to your baby's journey.

24/7 Newborn Screening

Millennium Medical Group offers a convenient, 24/7 option to get the latest on your baby's health.


Get Screened in Minutes

Why wait until your newborn is old enough to go through a full physical? Millennium Medical Group has been serving the healthcare needs of babies for years. With our fast and reliable screenings, you can find out if he or she has any birth defects before it’s too late!



Advanced Screening Tests

The earlier you get your baby tested, the better their chances of survival. Many disorders can be assessed through a series screening tests and if they’re found to have an mild or moderate condition then there is hope for recovery!


Our Advantages

Unparalleled Screenings

Millennium offers an unparalleled level of newborn screenings, giving your baby a complete screening test within minutes.

24/7 Convenient Acess

Millennium offers 24/7 access to newborn screenings. Come in any time of the day and we'll be on hand at your convenience for quick, easy care - even if you need help getting back home!

Physician Coverage

We all know that new parents are busy. Luckily, Millennium has got you covered with their physician coverage and follow-up care so there's no need to worry about any aspect of your baby’s health!

Results in Minutes

Millennium provides rapid results for newborn screening, so you can stay up-to date with your little one's condition in no time!


Why People Love Us

Nichole Pauls Patient

Thank you for everything you did for our baby. We never questioned if he was in the best care. Through the hardest time of our lives, we had the best doctors and nurses surrounding us. For you and your work you put in, we are forever grateful.

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