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10 Pregnancy Facts That Will Surprise You

Pregnancy changes a mother forever. Here are pregnancy facts that you should know so you don’t end up getting surprised! 

Pregnant women undergo a lot of changes, especially during 40 weeks of pregnancy. It’s no secret since you’re growing and carrying a child. During this stage, you might experience some surprising changes. 

Some of these changes are just about your body expanding to give space to the baby, so being aware is essential. If you’re pregnant, here are pregnancy facts that might surprise you.

10 Pregnancy Facts That You Should Know

  1. Your uterus will get bigger.

Your uterus can grow up to 500 times its original size. But, don’t worry. It’s completely normal. A woman’s uterus is usually the size of orange before pregnancy. But it can expand into the size of a watermelon by the third trimester. 

  1. Your blood volume will increase.

Another pregnancy fact is that your blood volume increases! When pregnant, blood volume goes up to 50% to ensure that the fetus receives enough oxygenated blood.

  1. Your heart grows bigger.

Besides the uterus and blood volume, the heart undergoes changes too. It has to grow exponentially to help pump all that extra blood around the body.

  1. The same thing happens with your feet.

Many pregnant women also said that their feet grew larger while pregnant, sometimes by a whole size. Swollen ankles and feet are also possible.

  1. Your voice can change.

It’s not strange that there would be some changes with all the hormones coursing through a pregnant body. Another fun fact about pregnancy is that the voice can change. The increase in estrogen and progesterone can lead to swelling of the vocal folds, resulting in the loss of some higher notes and the appearance of lower layers.

  1. Your baby can hear your voice.

An unborn child can hear sounds around the age of 18 weeks. On its 25th-26th week, the baby becomes more responsive to noises and responds in the womb. So be careful what you say around! As much as possible, you want your baby to hear good and positive sounds. 

  1. You’re prone to diabetes.

Gestational diabetes occurs when a pregnant woman’s blood sugar levels are high and the pancreas is unable to supply enough insulin. It usually goes away after childbirth. Make sure to regularly check with your doctor or a neonatologist to observe whether you’re prone or susceptible to the disease. 

  1. Your sense of smell heightens.

In the first trimester, pregnant women usually have an intensified sense of smell, which can be a sign that you’re pregnant in the first place. It could be an evolutionary method of helping pregnant women in avoiding unsafe foods. If you experienced childbirth, you’re most likely familiar with the smell that you hated during pregnancy. 

  1. You might forget… sometimes.

Another pregnancy facts is that being pregnant means you’ll most likely forget things. Well, this is totally normal! 80% of pregnant women experience memory impairment. Even if you’re the most genius person in the room, being pregnant might mean you’ll struggle to remember sometimes.

  1. Your baby can taste the food you eat.

Believe it or not, babies can taste what you eat, especially when it has some strong flavor like garlic. Food passes through the amniotic fluid, which goes straight to your baby. Check out the 10 best fruits to eat during pregnancy. 

When you’re pregnant, you’re in for a lot of surprises, but none is sweeter than the way you’ll feel once your baby is in your arms!

There’s a lot to learn about pregnancy and there are still a lot of unknowns. Consult neonatal specialists if you are pregnant or you intend to become pregnant. Neonatologists and care specialists at Millennium can assist you in developing a plan for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, as well as answer any questions you may have about signs, problems, and what to expect.

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